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Single Display Wine Rack

The One-Sided Single Display Retail Wine Rack, also know as our "wall-hugger", has 12 columns and each column holds 12 bottles. The wine rack holds a total of 144 bottles. It is one bottle deep and accessible from just one side.

We offer two styles of color-coordinated display tops for enhanced product presentation: the Half Tilt Display Top and the Full Tilt Display Top.

Wine racks come standard with walnut stained wood and silver aluminum metal. We also offer light cherry and natural wood stains and a black aluminum metal finish as upgrades.

Retail Wine Rack One Side Single Display 12 Facings

One-Sided Single Display Retail Wine Rack

in walnut wood stain and silver aluminum metal

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Upgrades Available:
Wood Stains: Light Cherry and Natural Wood (add 25%)
Metal Finish: Black Aluminum (add 25%)

One-Sided Single Display Wine Rack

Wine Rack Specifications:

One-Sided Single Display Wine Rack has 12 Facings: 1 facing per column of 12 bottles.

Dimensions: 46.5" wide x 51" high x 12" deep

Wine Rack Features:

• Wine Rack Ships Fully Assembled and Ready to Fill
• Sturdy, Modular, Stackable Design
• Odorless Wood Stains in 3 Colors (Walnut, Cherry, and Natural)
• Strong Craftsman-Grade Aluminum in 2 Colors (Silver and Black)
• Cradles Wine at Optimum Angle for Storage
• Design Ensures Crucial Air Circulation
• Can be Used in Refrigerated Environment
• Steel Reinforced Backing
• Hand-Made in America for Over 40 Years

Wine Rack Colors:

Walnut Cherry Natural Wood Wine Rack

Silver Black Aluminum Metal Wine Rack

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